An empathetic machine that conveys indecisiveness through motion and a singular light.

BA Interaction Design
Physical Computing Course

Alec Nikolov
Corvin Springer
Nicola Delany
Ramona Rüttimann


Taking the topic of empathetic machines and combining that together with all that we learned in physical computing, we created our A-eye.

Wanting our machine to be able to portray an indecisiveness in its actions, we decided to make it unable to choose between its curiosity in its surroundings, the people in it and the fear of those.

The A-eye in it’s resting state will curiously look around at the world mid-room, but as soon as a person gets too close it will get a fright and retreat back to a safer space higher up, always keeping an eye on you. Still being intrigued by the intruder it will follow and watch them from a safe distance.

It is comprised of a moving mechanism, that uses 4 servos and strings to control its motion in a 3 dimensional manner and the object itself, an eye that looks around at its surrounding and specifically the people in its vicinity.